Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's NOT about the sacred scriptures or the mythology - NOTE

You can spend a whole life time studying the sacred texts and not be one step further!!!

Why because trying to comprehend the texts mentally won't take you were you want to be.

The path you open up is a path of transformation of the mind.

The sanskrit words even though they do have a mental or logical meaning are codes of light.

You can look at a sanskrit word through its sound beauty, and aesthetic dimension.

You can as well look at it like a concept and comprehend it mentally.

Or you can go of all these feeling or mental interpretations and see them as energy codes that unlock aspects of your mind!

This is what these words are about.

As soon as you start pronouncing them externally or internally, they start transforming your mind, whether you understand the meaning of the words or not.

It's a magical process and this is why sanskrit is special for that.

It unlocks certain gate ways in your mind and opens new channels of energy.

This is how it works and how you can experience this.

Don't try to control or own everything.

You can't! It's too vast!

Enjoy the pleasure of the instant.

A simple connection with a word or a verse will transform your mind and open these new gateways of energy.