Thursday, May 07, 2009

The universe and life are streams of bliss on this planet

The universe and life are streams of bliss on this planet. You are one with love. You are filled with this immense stream of powerful radiance which fills your heart, your being with intense joy.

You are one with humankind and waves of powerful love radiate from you towards the rest of existence. Feeling this deep sense of union in you is an incredible experience.

The bliss of loving takes you in vibrant waves of ecstasy, uplifting your life towards horizons of mysterious beauty.

You are united with nature, with the planet and humankind in a caring and loving way.

This brings peace in you. It brings satisfaction and beauty in your being.

It is a powerful force which streams from your being and radiates in waves of immense pleasure.

You feel that force in you growing with intensity.

There are no barriers, there are no limits. You are one with a flow of intense delight. A smile of pleasure and beauty is designed on your face. You just want to thank the skies, life, and immensity of the gift of being alive.

There are no limits, no boundaries. You feel immensely satisfied and at peace. The refinement of pleasure is there with you, vibrating in your heart, vibrating in your being, in your life, with full inner satisfaction and delight.