Thursday, May 07, 2009

The intensity of this beauty touches you from within

The intensity of this beauty touches you from within, radiating a flow of magical feeling in your whole body and being. The intensity of the love you feel now is opening your being to the magical radiance of life.

There are no limits to that love. It’s an endless stream of magic peace and radiance, a flow of delight which unites you with the cosmos, the planet, humankind, nature.

You feel in harmony with life, within your being. You are touched by this infinite grace, this magic flow of beauty that reverberates in your mind, in your being, in all the aspects of your inner life.

This inner smile touches all, you radiate that freshness and it opens people to their best.

Nature responds to you. Vitality flows through your veins, through your being. You wake up to this magical reality inside yourself. You are united with life and respond to this inner nurturing feeling of intense joy.