Monday, March 09, 2009

When can someone reach the Zen level of their subconscious mind?

When can someone reach the Zen level of their subconscious mind?



How are you today?

The Zen level of your subconscious mind?

I guess you mean finding peace, total inner harmony and fluidity?

It is here right now. It's simply a matter of realizing perfection of what already is. Finding peace means letting go of wanting to control everything.

To reach that level you need as well to connect with powerful sources of "renewal".

Every action creates a thought form. Every thought form is associated with an emotion.

Together, they are a mind pattern.

If you walk in a city, you will be impacted by thousands of mind patterns. At the end of the day, your mind is simply filled with ideas and emotions you picked up and created during the day. If you read the paper, that's what you tune in. If you talk politics with a friend, that's politics you will feel in your mind.

Reaching the Zen level of your mind means seeing all that happening, being aware of it and at the same time being connected with an infinite source of inner power and joy.

It means opening channels of life force in your mind and actions so that life can flow better and more powerfully.

How do you do that? Every action is a choice. Every thought is a choice. Mastering your mind and the way you function is something you build consciously by being aware of what happens in your life and mind and then changing specific parts of it.

I would not go for discipline, I would go for life force, excitement, passion.

If you want to follow up on that, I am happy to help you. I can show you some simple techniques you can take in your daily life that will bring in a new source of life power.

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