Monday, March 09, 2009

I used to meditate a few years ago

I used to meditate a few years ago. After a while when I wanted to do it again, I have always felt a very bad itching on all over my body, so bad that I can not continue. Could you please help me to know why this happens and how I can overcome this problem?

Thank you so much.



Thank you for your question.

Meditation is often a revelator. It unblocks energies in our system and brings certain disharmonies to the surface. In itself having some form of negative or painful body response to meditation is the reflection of something being cleared.

You're probably aware that gaining mastery over our mind, body, emotions is some form of battle. It is symbolically what happens in the Bhagavad-Gita.

We all live with powerful influences in and around us and a disharmony like you describe is the reflection of your spirit not being fully in control of what happens in your body and mind. There is an energy there which is external to your system and is creating this discomfort. You can see this as well as energy which wants to flow but somehow the energy channels are not activated and cleared. This happens mainly on the etheric body level. Your etheric body is the invisible elector magnetic vibration inside of you. It is the invisible part of your physical body.

The solution? The etheric body needs to be energized and cleared. How? Here are some techniques and approaches. I suggest you try and experiment with it. It is worth it and I believe there is no way around it. This is an opportunity to grow and understand a whole lot about energies and the way they work in your system.

Try music (live music, not recorded or CDs etc.), sing, get a string instrument, guitar or violin, etc. I don't say you have to become a virtuoso, no. The sound itself is healing and harmonizing energy in your body. It clarifies, open channels, unblocks what is not flowing. The most direct way is simply to sing mantras aloud.

The next approach is Hatha Yoga. Yogic postures focus on the free and harmonious flow of energy in your being. Similar type of effects as music.

Spend time in nature, with trees, openness, fresh air. Trees have a perfectly harmonized and flowing etheric body. Being in nature straight away opens up and harmonizes your energy body. Go in nature and do some dynamic breathing, light jog, walk barefoot, etc.

Again, combine these approaches, experiment and discover what you enjoy doing. Practice these with very small doses of meditation to see if the door opens up.

I'll stop here for now. How does this message impact in you? Does that make sense to you?

I would say that it can take from 1 to 3 months to get familiar with theses approaches. For something to evolve you have to take action. Do something about it. Add essential harmonizing practices to your daily routine. I can show you how if you want to.