Monday, March 09, 2009

How do we find meaning in life?

How do we find meaning in life?

Life seems monotonous and mundane. How do we find meaning in life? How do we find our way back to God? How can I learn to meditate at a deeper level, leading to divine revelations?



It all starts with small steps. The way to earn 1 million dollars is by learning how to earn 1 dollar first. Take small steps and start moving with your spiritual life.

You can start anywhere, but the most important is to be open to experience the new without too high expectations. Enjoy the journey the ride and accept that exploration, experimenting and trying is part of the trip.

Growing spiritually means developing your spiritual skills or vehicle. Start anywhere and accept to go beyond the territory of what you already know. This means openness and investing at least some time and energy into it.

To take small steps, no big effort is required. You still need to go through some form of "training" to develop new abilities and skills to help you along that path.

Spiritual development is about action, taking steps, moving forward.

What stops you from taking steps? doubts, hesitations, fears, lack of energy, etc.

I sent you another mail with some key ideas about spiritual development. Try some of the practices which I describe. Try. At least for a week or two.

Tell me how it goes...