Friday, March 27, 2009

Find my destiny

Find my destiny

Finding your destiny means realizing first that destiny is not somewhere in the distant future. Your destiny is there right now, in the instant you read these lines. Living in the moment means focusing in the here and now, rather than what comes in the future.

To do that and bring the attention to the moment, you can practice this simple technique to open your awareness:

Conscious breathing: practice this simple technique. Sit down with your back straight and observe your breathing. Observe how the air flows in and out through your nose and mouth.

Simply take a minute every day to observe and perceive this natural stream of life force. The air we breathe is similar to the life force we all share on this planet. Breathing is your natural rhythm.

The awareness that the moment in itself is perfect that Life is magical in itself, takes away the pressure. You relax because you know that whatever you do, it will be fine.

Once you connect with your breathing, you start opening as well to the realization that destiny is not a fixed set of forms and time frame. It's more like a river you swim in. It's great to go with the flow.