Monday, March 09, 2009

Connect with others

Connect with others



The best way to connect is to find a way of giving. Connecting is giving and loving. What is it that you can give around you. What are the unique qualities you have to offer that would be beneficial for those you know.

On a deeper level, connecting has to do with seeing yourself in others. We are part of the same sea, the same essence. The life force which is vibrating in me right now is the same as what is in you. This is why we are one.

Where do you start? Get in touch with your own life force. Practice this simple technique. Sit down with your back straight and observe your breathing. Observe how the air flows in and out through your nose and mouth. Simply take a minute every day to observe and perceive this natural stream if life force. The air we breathe is similar to the life force we all share on this planet.