Monday, March 09, 2009

Can you explain in detail about spiritual development and meditation, telepathy, etc. - ANSWER


Thank you for your question.

It's quite a vast question but here are a few words to get you started: we use telepathy all the time, in our lives. It is in the background but we don't see it because we are focused on our physical senses. A feeling is a form of telepathy. It is an emotional touch, impression or blueprint.

About spiritual development, we can talk, express, discuss ideas etc. What is most essential is experience. Our reasoning abilities are great but knowledge by experience is on a higher level. Find out what your immediate needs are and start moving, start taking action in that direction, even if your needs are material, just take a little step to move you closer to a higher level of life satisfaction and happiness.

Meditation is the art of connecting, unifying our mind and establishing an energy link between us and a greater unified reality. This is why meditation and telepathy refer to similar type of activities.

If you look for a place to start, try conscious breathing. Simply focus on your third eye and practice breathing with awareness. This will take you to a place of peace where clarity starts pouring in your mind.

With love