Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to post videos to this blog - Simple step by step instructions

To post the vid to the blog:

  • Go to the video page on google, click on the "email/embed" button
  • Then click on the "Embed HTML" link
  • Copy the code which is given to you
  • Create a new post on blogger
  • On the left of the window, you have a link which says "edit HTML"
  • Click on it
  • Now paste the code from the video (the one you got from google) in the blogger window (where you usually type the message)
  • Write a title for your post
  • Publish post
  • That's it!

I know it can look complicate from here but once you do it a couple fo times, you see it's tottaly simple.

Try it.

If you get the video from other sites like YouTube, you will see that there is always on the video page a text that says "embed", You can copy that code and post it the way described above

Thanks for contributing