Friday, January 04, 2008

Your real home - ARTICLE

Your real home is the planet.

All of it!
Your house is only a temporary shelter.

At the end the place where you go back if anything happens is nature.

This is your real home.

The moment you isolate yourself from nature within the 4 walls of your house, you cut yourself from natural sources of energy.

These sources of energy are everywhere in nature and on the planet.

There is nothing wrong with having a house. On the contrary!

It is important however to remember that the real protection for you and the totality of humankind comes from nature.

Nature contains mind sets and energy sources which are unique and are intimately associated with humankind’s well being.

The moment you feel you need to reconnect with yourself, nature is always there for you.

There is nothing in nature which wants to hurt you.

One important step of your long term spiritual evolution is to make sure that your connection with nature stays active and alive.

It is not enough to put a few crystals around in your house when you can actually walk bare foot on a sandy beach.

A sandy beach is literally a vast field of crystals.

A mountain is a 2000 meters high huge crystal!

Never forget about this.

The power of nature is there all around.

Dare to connect with it.

Dare to tap into it fully rather than closing the doors.

It is an infinite sources of harmonizing energy which has the power to heal any wound in your system.

If you would take the risk right now, to spend 6 months in nature day and night, live in the forest with no roof on your head, you would reconnect with all the basic elemental sources you need in your life.

Now, this would be a drastic step.

You don’t have to be that extreme.

Simply remember that nature is your real and ultimate home. It is not just your backyard.

Your house is only one of the rooms of your existence.

Sometimes, you need to connect with sources of energy which are available in any form forest, river or sea.

Simply dare to go for it!