Friday, January 04, 2008

What is your astral body? - ARTICLE

The astral world is the dimension of your emotions and dreams.

Your astral body is a multidimensional energy reality which connects you with your past, present and future.

Your astral body is the sum of all your emotions, feelings and dreams from your past present and future.

Imagine an energy body projecting itself into time and space.

The moment someone thinks of you or expresses an emotion towards you, it happens within your astral body.

If you send a letter to someone on the other side of the planet, they will feel a set of emotions when reading this letter.

This letter is part of your astral and mental body.

This means that the words you did write are a projection of your own emotions.

Take this one step further and imagine now the totality of the emotions you ever had or you ever projected in other people’s minds.

Your astral body contains the total sum of your smiles and other moods. It contains all the movements of your emotions.

Does your past still exist?

Well, suppose you meet an old friend. You will start recalling experiences and a whole set of emotions which felt forgotten and invisible will come back to the surface.

The mind sets and memories are still there, somewhere in the layers of your mind.

You tend to think of objects and realities as three dimensional but in fact, your astral body extends in time as well.

Your rational tools are somehow limited to describe effectively the complexity of the mind.

You can comprehend the anatomical architecture of your body but the mind goes beyond rationalization.

The models we can design for it right now are extremely limited and simplistic simply because the realities we try to describe are much more complex than that.

You can divide the mind in 2 great areas of consciousness: “astral” (dreams and emotions) and “mental” (thoughts and conceptual thinking):


This model is freely inspired from various Theosophical sources.

It is a simplified vision of your mind and gives you a model you can refer to when trying to conceptualize the way these realities are inter linked.