Friday, January 04, 2008

What is spiritual coaching? - ARTICLE

What is spiritual development coaching?

It is about connecting with your spiritual source

Develop a healthy life style

Strengthen your universal identity

Strengthen your life power

See the life force connection in everything in and around you.

Relate to others in a harmonious way.

Strengthen your values

Tune into your long term evolution and the long term evolution of the planet and humankind

Establish your cosmic or universal identity

Discover new refreshing perspectives on how to see your life

Connect with sources of love, power and energy on this planet

Develop a sense of synchronicity


What is the main difference between spiritual development coaching and simply belonging to a spiritual group?

No need to join or adhere to a system of beliefs

You are and stay the centre of your life at all times

The sense of duality is not there

There is no elitism.

You decide where you want to go.

The core of spiritual development coaching is you, your desires, your needs.

There is a clear coaching agreement with your coach.

The ethical base and the professional boundaries are extremely clear.

You are and stay free at all times.

No lecturing or doctrinal style.

You decide about any spiritual training. You choose the techniques, approaches even within the existing belief systems you already know.

Are there any techniques or practices involved in spiritual coaching?

There are only if you want to.

You decide what you need

As your coach, I can propose techniques and approaches

If you have already techniques or practices, I will simple help you go further with them

If you want to learn or develop further new skills, we enter into one aspect of spiritual coaching which is spiritual skills training. It can involve yoga practices, meditation techniques, energy techniques, etc. Again, you stay in charge and I simply help you develop the skills you want to develop. I am not telling you what to do. You decide for yourself.

What is the link between spiritual, business or relationship coaching?

Coaching is the vehicle. Relationships, business or spiritual development are the coaching areas or the targets. They are the destination or the context in which you want coaching to happen.

These directions are not exclusive. You always decide on what area you would like to focus. For instance if business is your priority at a given moment, that's what we will focus on.

Coaching is a way to gain more satisfaction from life. It helps you reach your goals and perform better. You can receive coaching on any of your life areas.

Why would you hire a spiritual development coach?

Developing spiritual skills works in a similar way as developing other type of skills. Getting targeted support, feedback, ideas, expert advice, etc. can greatly speed up your spiritual development

The moment you realize that no matter how hard you try, your life feels incomplete, you start looking for something deeper. That's when I can help you with your quest.

You might have practiced some spiritual development techniques and you feel stacked or you need help. Again, I am happy to help you reach what you are looking for.