Friday, January 04, 2008

What is enlightenment? - ARTICLE

Enlightenment is the downpour of nirvanic energy into your personal vehicle or into manifestation.

This experience is happening right now on a larger scale on the planet.

It has been happening since beginning of time.

The process of human evolution is a process of enlightenment.

You integrate energies which are coming from a higher plane of consciousness: Nirvana.

When this downpour of energy is sudden and conscious, you truly feel transcended by light vibration.

In most situations however it is more like a drop by drop pouring of energy into your consciousness.

Everyone is getting enlightened to a certain extent.

The flow of life force in your consciousness is a process of enlightenment.

The totality of humankind is going through this process.

Now, when you consciously meditate and invoke energies from these higher planes, you strengthen the "bridge" with these higher levels of consciousness and speed up your spiritual evolution.

How do you know you are enlightened?

When you are enlightened, you know it for sure and there is no need to convince anyone about it.

It is good to remember that enlightenment is not an absolute measure.

What you perceive is an "acceleration".

Imagine you travel in an airplane.

You feel a thrill when the plane accelerates, right?

It is this acceleration which impacts on your senses and mind perceptions.

You feel flooded with bliss and inspiration.

This can be a one time experience or something which happens over and over again during a period of time.

It can be spontaneous or the result of intense spiritual practices.

You can't create enlightenment by will power in the same way as you can't control your ultimate sources of life force.

The will power you perceive in you is based on your personality.

The will power which is the true source of your incarnation is based on another level of your being: your spirit.

This spirit is linked with a vast field of energy.

You can call it universal consciousness.

Enlightenment happens when all aspects of your being are aligned and attuned with your long term cosmic purpose.

How do you achieve that?

Well, there are many forces involved in this attunement and what you have control over (your mind and personality) is only a small fraction of it.

This means that you can only do your part.

When you feel inspired to look for enlightenment. There are always more forces involved. You are not isolated with that.

Your desire and spiritual impulsion is related with an invisible connection with a source of inspiration.

Trust and do your part and the other forces involved in this process will do theirs.