Friday, January 04, 2008

A travel in consciousness - ARTICLES

It is always good to remember that whatever we do within a coaching space is related with the mind.

Your mind is situated at the convergence between your universal identity and the world you see around you.

Beyond the limits of what you perceive with your senses are worlds and realities we can't comprehend.

As your mind grows and expands in intelligence, it grows in directions which are undreamed of.

It follows a natural stream of evolution and connects with the future.

Your future!

What will your mind look like in 2000 years?

The areas we focus on with coaching are what is in front of your eyes right now.

Why is that?

Because this is the top priority.

The best way to get into your future and connect with your vast infinite potentials is to simply take your next natural step, whatever that step can be.

In most cases, this means bringing a higher level of harmony into your existence of gaining a higher level of satisfaction from life.

The goal is always to gain greater mastery and direction over what happens in your life.

Basically, you want to master your mind tool and work better with the forces which surround you.

You want to master your life and existence and align yourself with the vast streams of human evolution.

Once you connect, evolution happens by itself.

This is the big picture.

This is the context in which this e-book was created: as a way of helping you take your next natural step.

I love these ideas and I hope you do as well.

Beyond the limits of an e-book there is this simple and profound desire to simply help you take this next step.

This next step brings you closer to your destiny line.

It is thrilling!

It is a travel in consciousness, an expansion of awareness.

Enjoy your trip! J