Friday, January 04, 2008

Spiritual power and ambition - ARTICLE

If you feel that your spiritual quest hits a wall or a limit you don’t seem to overcome, it is usually the sign that you need extra power to break through.

Power is a bit of a taboo topic on the spiritual path.

Why is that?

Because power tends to be associated with abuse of power.

In a spiritual environment where many teaching talk about surrendering your ego and anything which belongs to you, the natural trend is to give up your power rather than increasing it.

This is the moment a split can happen.

Power is good!

Ego is great!

Your ego is not on the way!

It is your life vehicle!

It is the reflection of your personality.

Having material and spiritual ambitions is okay.

They are both part of your incarnation and you are the one who decides how much of these qualities you want in your existence.

Many spiritual seekers feel powerless.

Are you one of them?

Are you in a situation where you doubts everyone of your steps, lack trust and simply feel that it takes far too much effort and energy to maintain your existence?

If this is the case, I know exactly how you feel.

I wrote this e-book precisely to answer some of these fundamental questions and give you extra tools so that you can move forward in your spiritual quest.

Taking control of your life can feel “scary”.

It is like suddenly sitting in the cockpit of Boeing 527 and being told: “Here we go! It’s all your!”.

Somehow, believing that the cosmos can or should do it for you is a safer alternative, right?

You can sit down meditate and call for help.

This works wonders!

Now, there are certain steps that only you can take.

You were given a body, mind and spirit.

You have a unique ability to recreate the world around you.

You can shift, build and transform.

The key of this transformation is action.

It is through your actions that you primarily impact on the world around you.

Suppose you want to send a message to a friend:

You can sit down in your favorite mediation posture and try to find a telepathic bridge between your two minds.

You can spend years researching and trying to achieve just that.

On the other hand, you can achieve the instant result you want by simply sitting behind your lap top and sending an email.

Action is powerful!

The moment you align your being with your spirit and bring your power all the way into manifestation, you can start transforming life around you.

It works!

You can stay in your meditation posture and invoke creation to take action for you.

It won’t work!

Sometimes, you get these gifts along the path, right?

You meet the right person at the right time.

Everything falls into place.

It is perfectly synchronized!

I am sure you love it when this happens.

You probably have a few stories about magical encounters and very special events where you get this feeling that the cosmos did open a very special door for you.

It does happen and it is beautiful.

Now, the cosmos needs you to put your wisdom and skills into action.

You were given a body and mind.

It is to use to its best.

The goal is not to give it up.

The goal is to use this as a vehicle to transform your life and the planet to its best.

You are part of a much vaster cycle of manifestation.

Infinite power and potentials are ready to flow in your existence but to do that, you need to embrace existence rather than denying it.

This is the first step.

In a way, this can be seen as a revolution on the spiritual path because so many teaching tell you otherwise: sit down, stop moving, don’t think, block your emotions, suppress your desires, etc.

If you tried this and feel that you hit a wall, it is time to shift course.

Embrace life and everything which is part of it.

There is no need to reject any aspect of it.

You can live life fully, let the streams of your emotions flow freely.

You can share life, feel life, laugh, smile when you want.

Unwanted or forced suppression simply creates tension in your body and in your mind. It limits you rather than freeing you.

Some discipline when it is your choice can be good of course.

It is all a matter of balance.

Life force flows through your whole being.

Emotions and thoughts are visible aspects of your flourishing mind.

It is okay to live life fully without suppressing any of it.