Friday, January 04, 2008

How to manifest spiritual synergy - ARTICLE

Spiritual synergy is your ability to go with the flow of the forces of nature rather than against them.

You can do that with people, with nature, with society, with what you create or with your actions.

What you think can be embedded with a profound sense of synchronicity.

It simply feels right.

This is the target for our modern age.

Synchronicity is the ability to live together in harmony in a creative way.

Conflict or challenges won’t disappear of course but the way you solve them takes care of all forces and parties involved.

No one needs to loose!

This is the real power you and I can tap into right now.

Anyone who practices synergy in any context manifests a profound sense of respect and harmony.

It doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Actually, it is the total opposite.

The moment you focus on the larger picture and realize what happens when you truly join forces, you see a whole new world of potentials opening up.

Take an organization for instance. The amount of energy which is usually spent in dealing with internal political conflicts can be huge.

Imagine what happens the moment the organizational becomes frictionless and all the participants learn how to truly collaborate with each other.

This is not an utopist dream.

It is happening right now in many organizations around the world.

The idea of synergy already permeates the business world.

All that is needed now is for it to fully touch all areas of society.

The way synergy is used is still embryonic in a way.

The full potential of this stream can unfold in your life as you learn to master the synergy skills.

What are these skills?

It is first your ability to focus on win-win in any situation in life.

The second step is to show total respect for other people’s opinions and ideas.

The third step is to dare to step into someone else’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

These are only some ideas and there is so much more of course.

The basic idea behind synergy is that every time someone loses, it’s the totality of humankind who loses.

You don’t have to take responsibility for someone else’s actions but you can make sure that your actions are in harmony with the larger scheme and development of things on this planet.

This is the basic idea behind spiritual synergy