Friday, January 04, 2008

Give your nature a little help - ARTICLE

99% of what happens in your life happens by itself.

Most organic functions in your body are out of your control.

It just works by itself, right?

Heart beat, blood circulation or digestion are all happening by themselves.


Imagine if suddenly, you were given control over these functions.

Imagine if you had to suddenly regulate all that.

Another part of your spirit takes care of it.

It works by itself!

Thank god!!! J

The same goes on for your mind, senses, spirit and much more.

Every now and then, you hit a challenge though.

It can be a physical, material, mental or emotional challenge.

You realize that somewhere your nature needs a little help.

You can then use your will power or your two hands to stimulate evolution. You can take action and lift the resistance or life blockage you are feeling.

Suppose you run out of food, you can actually go to the supermarket and get some vegetables for your evening stew.

This is great news!

Your nature and spirit does most of the work.

Your only task is to help life here and there when it somehow gets blocked or limited by an obstacle.

It is a bit like a river flowing.

You can help remove a couple of hills so that water can keep on streaming towards the sea.

If you put your body in a yoga posture, this is what you do, right?

You simply encourage the flow of life force all the way to the most minute cell.

You stimulate the flow of energy into your being and by doing so, you feel more alive.

The goal of any technique or spiritual practice is simply to open new doors in your body, mind and spirit.

Once energy is flowing, you can usually relax with the technique or eventually keep on practicing it just for fun.

Remember, simply give your nature a little help when you fell life force gets stacked in any way.

This can happen in you, in others, in organizations or in the nature around you.

The moment you do something about it, you simply care.