Saturday, January 05, 2008

Embracing the world like a Lover

I believe that it is our nature to connect. Starting from the deepest place within our being and expanding out to our family and friends, the workplace, our community, and ultimately to our entire planet, we are naturally pulled forward to reach out and touch the entire world around us. I believe that even though our training is about competing, our Souls are about embracing. The only things that stop us are the erroneous teachings of a Society that has lost its Spirituality.

A Society lacking in Spirituality offers no lasting solutions to the problem of alienation that envelopes it. This thought can be very depressing, that is, until we ask ourselves a key question: "Who creates Society?" The answer, of course, is "We and I." This reality offers us much hope. It says that you and I can take hold of the reins and begin to steer our Society out of the realm of alienation and into a place that feels more like Home.

While this sounds like an impossibly difficult task, it really isn't. All that is required is that we begin our own personal Journey inward to our Higher Self--the best of who we are. In so doing, we play a vital role in the transformation of Society at large. We can begin by asking ourselves as we move through each activity of our day and as we touch the lives of those around us:

How can I be less harsh and more loving here? How can I radiate light in a world that sometimes looks very dark? How can I open my Heart and take more responsibility in healing the hurts I see around me every day of my life?

As we keep repeating these questions in more and more situations, we begin to experience the good, often sublime, feelings that loving actions create. Just as importantly, we create a new kind of lifestyle which is infused with love and caring. This is what finding our own Spirituality is all about.

Acts of caring can be seen as light from the Soul creating connection instead of alienation. I have seen this light of the Soul come forward to touch other Souls in many unexpected ways. Let me give you a beautiful example: One day as I was walking down the street in New York City, I saw half-way down the block a young tough-looking, big man swaggering arrogantly in and out of the crowd. I pre-judged him as someone who wouldn't give the time of day to anyone on the street, not that anyone would dare to ask! At one point, his eye caught sight of a little blind old man with a cane tottering precariously toward the curb and the ensuing traffic. At once, our tough guy ran forward and headed the old man off before any damage was done. An Instant Angel, indeed! He then took off down the street once again. After he progressed a little way, he turned back to see if the old man was keeping on a straight course. No, he was once again headed for the curb. The young man darted back and impatiently told the old man he was still going toward the curb. But to no avail. Yet again, the old man went off course. Finally, with a nod of resignation, our big tough-guy gently took the arm of the little old man, and this very unlikely couple proceeded nobly down the street...together. Magical! A moment of connection. A moment of the divine. (And an eye-opener to me about judging people by their appearance!)

How easy it is to bring Spirituality into our everyday lives! One simple act of caring and the whole world is transformed. Everyone is touched, uplifted, and comforted. It takes so little...just a little attention off the self, the opportunity to say to someone else, "Hi, I'm here. How can I help you on your Journey in this sometimes very difficult world?"

We can bring a quality of caring to all our human exchanges, whatever they may be. You can begin by asking yourself, "If I were really an important member of this global family, what would I be doing?" And then, proceed to do it…one step at a time. You will be amazed at how much distance your loving light can cover in this step-by-step process.

There will be times when you forget how important you really are. So to help you imprint it permanently in your mind, I'd like you to repeat the following at least 10 times every single day of your life from this day forth:

"Who I am is someone who has the power within to create a Heaven on earth for myself and to radiate a piece of that Heaven out to everyone whose life touches mine."

Repeat it over and over again for as many days, months, or years it takes, until you fully take in its implications and begin to consciously live your life within its truth. As you begin to understand the immense power and love you hold inside, you will find an unending source of joy, light, and love that will nourish and support you all the days of your life.

Adapted from the book," Life is Huge!: Laughing, Loving and Learning from it All " by © 2008 Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.