Friday, January 04, 2008

Can you consciously increase your kundalini energy? - ARTICLE

Yes, you can.

The process of waking up your kundalini has three key aspects to it:

· Physical awakening

This includes dynamical physical techniques, breathing techniques, etc. Through all this awakening, your connection with nature is vital.

· Meditation

Through meditation you strengthen your mind set and align the newly awakened forces with a profound plan for your evolution. Meditation is part of the taming process. When you meditate, you link your kundalini energy with a new “awakening” force.

· Life style choices

This includes healthy diets, day rhythm choices, harmonious sexual activity, etc.

· Inspiration stream

Many people have walked the path of the kundalini awakening in the past. You can reinvent your own techniques or tune into an existing tradition. This inspiration stream is an inner or outer source of guidance and support. It is an energy sponsor which sustains your steps.