Monday, December 10, 2007

The Hunter, The Forest, The Nagual and You

I absolutely love the simplicity potrayed in this story and am happy to share this with you, Power to you !

The Hunter, The Forest, The Nagual and You

By D CGikandi

What does it mean when they say "look inside you to find
the way to success?"

There was once a hunter called Juan who came from a little
tribe, deep in the great Amazon forest, a tribe that was
famous for its hunting skills. In his village, there were
about twenty hunters just like Juan.

At some point in his life, Juan was finding it difficult to
find game. He would go into the forest at dawn and return
at dusk with nothing. This went on for about a month. He
would try all sorts of different tricks with each new day,
hoping that this new effort would bring him a trophy,
finally. But nothing worked. So one day, he sat by the
river and pondered what he could do to change his fortune.
He decided to go see the nagual, the spiritual leader of
the tribe.

He said to him, "Great Seer, everyday for a month I have
gone to the forest and found nothing to hunt, returning
empty handed. I see my fellow hunters returning with game,
yet I return with nothing. At first I thought there was a
shortage of animals, but I soon realized that in the great
Amazon, there can be no shortage of animals. We live in
abundance, we are surrounded by abundance. Besides,
everyone else seems to be successful on most of their

"Then I thought that it must be my hunting technique, that
I was applying the wrong one. I tried everything our tribe
uses, but with no success. Now I am at an end and I don't
know what to do. Can you help me?"

The Nagual said, "It is obvious, if only you were to accept
full responsibility for your results. Accept full
responsibility, and it will become clear to you. At first
you blamed the forest, but then you realized that the
forest was full of animals and all the other hunters were
successful in most of their hunts. Next you blamed the
technique. But when you tested everything that is known to
us, nothing worked for you, even though they were working
for others. Now, take full responsibility and see where you
have not yet looked."

Juan thought about it for a moment and said, "Ah, I see
now. It is I. Something in me is causing the animals to run
away from me, or me to walk only where they are not
presently available."

The nagual looked at him, smiled and waved him off. Juan
went back home and searched himself. He looked for
everything inside him that was not in harmony with the
results he wanted. He examined his thoughts and emotions
and found many that were just not supportive of his goal.
When he resolved them, he found that he too would find
success on most of his hunting trips. In fact, as long as
he woke up, got out of bed and went into the forest,
applied any proven hunting technique, he would effortlessly
find game and catch it most of the time. When his inner
world was in harmony with his goal, all he had to do, then,
was show up and apply a technique. Life was sweet again.