Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy travels! - Dreams and Dream Interpretation

Happy travels!
Dreams and Dream Interpretation
by Owen Waters

The stuff that dreams are made of is called etheric energy. It
has often been called the astral light because, in the spirit
realms, this energy can be seen glowing with radiance in the

In your spirit body, which you inhabit at night during your
out-of-body travels, your subconscious mind can create "thought
forms" quickly and easily. A thought form is a projection of
etheric energy into the seemingly solid form of etheric matter.

Thought forms can be furniture, rooms, scenery, even people or
animals as long as your consciousness maintains enough
attention to animate them. When you move on to other scenes or
awaken, these quickly-created thought forms will dissipate back
into etheric energy over a period of hours or days.

Lucid dreaming occurs when you become aware, in your physical
consciousness, that you are dreaming. This means that the
conscious, physical mind has become engaged in the dream state.
These vivid dreams are therefore easily recalled when you
awaken in your physical body. A lucid dream is then recalled,
from the physical mind's point of view, as being more vivid
than a regular dream. It actually isn't more vivid than other
dreams are, it's just that the physical mind's recollection of
the dream is more vivid.

The deepest levels of sleep typically occur in the first two
or three hours of the night. During deep sleep your spirit body
can travel to higher states of consciousness, sometimes merging
with your soul family as a nighttime reunion of like-minds. You
are also able to meet the spirits of friends and family who
have passed on from physical life. The spirit realms are their
home and you locate them simply by focusing upon their
personality, then projecting your consciousness to that
location. This thought-powered form of travel has been
traditionally called astral projection.

In the lighter states of sleep, emotional issues are often
worked through and resolved in the dream state. The key to
understanding dreams is that they are composed of symbols,
rather than actual people, places and objects. When you focus
on the emotion that the dream evoked, then you can unravel how
the symbols in the dream played out the emotional tension that
you were working through.

For example, when frightening things happen in a dream, they
are not literally happening. Instead, they are a playing-out of
the fear issue that the dream represents, and they are an
opportunity to examine such a fear.

You can develop dream recall by keeping a dream diary beside
your bed. When you awaken each morning, before you do anything
else at all, write your dreams down in as much detail as you
can. With practice, you will bring the lessons of your dreams
closer into your daily waking awareness.

Nighttime is a time for your spirit to travel to other realms
of consciousness and for self-healing to occur. While your
physical body sleeps and recharges for another day of waking
consciousness, your spirit body soars through other realms
within your complete range of consciousness.

You can gain great insights into the events of your physical
life when you tell yourself, each night before bed, that you
will remember what you learned while you were out of your body
and cruising the other realms of consciousness.

Happy travels!