Monday, May 21, 2007

Where can you reconnect with an infinite source of energy, love and power? - ARTICLE


The average person in the west spends a stunning 90% of their time indoor or in a car.

What is left is street walk and some time in nature every now and then!

Does this mean that you need to change jobs and become a gardener?

No need to!

Simply make conscious choices and go back to nature as much as you can!

It is a choice!

Now, why does the average person choose for being indoors or in town when they have access to nature?

Even those who live next to nature often prefer shopping rather than some outdoor activity!

Why is that?

Because of the "power dimension".

The "nature channels" are relatively weak in the average person.

The goal is to reactivate these channels and make sure that being in nature gives you a kick!

Now, there is a way to do that!

If you are not the type of person who would usually spend time in nature, or feel comfortable with it, it's a skill you need to rediscover!

Why? Because what nature has to offer is unique!

It is an infinite reserve of energy, harmony and peace.

It rebablances your being, regenerates your emotional body and reatunes your energy lines!

It happens naturally the moment you step into a forest!

A busy city does not give you that!

If you haven't been going back to nature for a while, it is a skill you need to rediscover.

Now, what does this have to do with spiritual power!

Well... Nature is your final temple!!!

This is where it all started and it is your final home!

The walls of your house or the limits of the city are artificial human built boundaries which stop the free flow of energy between you and nature.

The reason why people often feel emotionally challenged and struggle to rebuild their inner power is partly because the instinctual channels of harmony have been cut for such a long time.

Nature still contains the perfect plan if you take the time to reconnect with it.

As soon as you step in nature, you start exchanging harmony with it instantly.

Trees reflect their etheric perfection on your etheric body and activate the flow of energy through your meridians.

It is perfect healing and harmonizing power.

Now, realize that almost no technique is needed for that! Simply being there!

Saying "there is no nature where I live" is just an excuse!

Living where you live is a choice!

People go to big cities because they like the buzz, the activity, the money!

You can enjoy all that without having to give up your connection with nature.

It is a choice!

You choose your holiday or week end destinations.

Take responsibility for that and don't blame circumstances.

Yes! It is harder to stay in touch with nature nowadays. However, there are always places where you can start even when you live in big cities!

You can for instance:
  • Dump your car and get a bike!
  • Buy plants and flowers and start an indoor garden in your flat!
  • Jog in the park!
  • Take off for week ends and holidays!
  • Consider moving to a nature friendly area!
  • Eat more raw fruit and vegetables!
  • Turn down the heater and actively develop environmental friendly behaviors!
  • Open the windows to get in fresh air!
  • And so much more!

Now, simply applying some of the few strategies I just gave you, can significantly increase your exposure to nature!

Take small steps and start right here with what is in front of you.

This will already bring change!

Even in areas where people have access to nature, you still see these vast nature areas totally empty!

Nobody there!

While shopping streets are buzzing with activity and excitement.

Now, this can shift!

It can shift for you and shift as well on a larger scale.

Start with you, though!

Don't try to change others at this stage!

If you feel there is not enough presence of nature in your life, change yourself!

Make the right choices!

Activate your nature link and relearn the skills to empower your being when in nature!

More on how to do just that in another post, ok?

To your spiritual power!