Monday, May 21, 2007

I can't practice meditation at home because of noisy kids! - What is the way to break through this? - ARTICLE

Yes! You can still meditate!

Here are some ideas:

Use short meditations (a few minutes) in which you learn to concentrate even within this noisy environment.

This is a powerful mind training method with which you will progress very fast!

Focus on an active inner meditation technique.

You can as well train in dynamic meditation techniques where you stand up and practice active breathing, movements, stretches, martial art or hatha yoga oriented techniques.

Not all meditation needs to lead to inner peace.

Sometimes, you better head for greater power and ability to focus in any situation.

Before falling asleep in the evening, practice more peace oriented meditations when there is silence in the house.

Use the same peace techniques when you are awake at night or early morning before getting up.
You can practice these ones still while laying down.

To your spiritual power!