Friday, August 05, 2005

New! More than 180 minutes of spiritual power in MP3 audio

When it comes to spiritual development, there is usually a big gap.

The truth is that feeling somehow connected to something vaster than yourself gives you such a boost.

Everything makes sense when you expand beyond the limits of your being.

The thing is that spiritual development can be as or even more challenging than anything else.

Simply taking a decision one day is not enough.


Because there are many traditions, system and beliefs and you still need to identify what works for you.

Here is what is included in these 180+ minutes of pure energy:

Wake up your universal identity - 16 min
Life mastery - 12 min
New channels of life force - 13 min
Be frictionless - 13 min
Be superconductive to life - 8 min
Trust your instincts - 7 min
Where is the planet going? - 18 min
Your long term evolution - 9 min
Sponsoring forces - 11 min
Spiritual awakening - 15 min
Total freedom - 8 min
Wake up your spiritual power - 8 min
Intellectual traps - 14 min
Intuitive faculties - 13 min
What to do with your thoughts - 11 min
How to succeed with meditation - 10 min
Be wise - 7 min
Free your mind - 9 min

The goal of these MP3 audios is to give you a power boost and key strategies to make sure that you don't get side tracked along the line.

Get your MP3 audios here

Take care for now